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Facethetics F.A.Q's

How Our Mobile and In-Clinic Options Work

Do you have an In-clinic location?

What areas do you service?

What does the Facethetics Mobile Clinic include?

Where is suitable to set up the Facethetics Mobile Clinic?

Is there a call out fee?

When do you operate? Can I get an after hours appointment?

How long will my appointment take?

What if I'm nervous about a stranger entering my home?

Are you an LGBTIQ friendly clinic?

About Our Registered Nurse Cosmetic Injector

What qualifications do your Registered Nurse Cosmetic Injectors have?

Do you have a Prescribing Doctor?

Is Facethetics Mobile Clinic, and my treatments, covered by insurance?

Payments and Gift Cards

What payment methods do you accept?

Do you take card, Afterpay, Payright and Zip payments at Mobile Clinic appointments?

How does buying a treatment online before my appointment work?

What if I haven't received my gift card?

If I pre-pay for a treatment online, join the Anti-Wrinkle Club, or start a Payment Plan, does that automatically mean I can definitely receive that treatment?

What if I don't have the money for my due payment, or I've missed one?

What if my payment plan is in default (cancelled due to non payment)?

Do you use debt collectors?

Pout+Platter Party's

What is a Facethetics Pout+Platter Party?

What will my Pout+Platter Party include?

What if I or my guests are drinking at the event?

Is there a booking fee? What if my guests decide they don't want a treatment?

Can I get a waiter for my hen's night Pout Party, birthday Pout Party, or other event?

Does it have to be a 'Pout' Party? What if my guests want an Anti-Wrinkle treatment?

Dermal Filler and Anti-Wrinkle

Does it hurt?

Will I bruise?

How do I know which type of Lip, Facial, Cheek Filler, or Anti-Wrinkle is right for me?

What kind of Injectables do you use?

How should I prepare for my treatment?

What side effects should I expect after my treatment?

Can I get treatments if I'm under 18?

How long do anti-wrinkle treatments last?

How long do dermal filler treatments last?

Will my features go back to 'normal' after the Dermal Filler or Anti-Wrinkle wears off?

Who do I call if I think I'm having an adverse reaction to a treatment?

What do I do if I don't like the results of my Dermal Filler treatment?

If I don't like my Dermal Filler result, can I get dissolved?

Vampire Facial Treatments

What will happen at my Liquid Gold Facial appointment?

How does Liquid Gold work in treating fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation and skin texture issues?

Why might I want Liquid Gold instead of Anti-Wrinkle or Filler treatments?

So, what exactly are you injecting into me?

How should I prepare for my Liquid Gold Facial treatment?

Will it hurt? What about numbing?

What areas are usually treated with 'Liquid Gold' or the 'Vampire Facial'?

How long will my 'Liquid Gold Facial' treatment take?

What can I expect after my treatment? Will I bruise?

What is the 'recovery' time for Liquid Gold Facial treatments? Do I need a day off work?

How long does it take for me to see Liquid Gold Facial results? How many Liquid Gold Facial treatments do I need?

How long do the results of Liquid Gold Facials last?

Can I get a Liquid Gold Facial as a Mobile Clinic appointment, or at my Pout+Platter Party?