Aftercare Advice

we want to support you the entire way through your injectables journey! that's why we've compiled some aftercare advice below.

Serious complications post dermal filler or anti-wrinkle treatment are really rare! But, not impossible. 

Be on the lookout for unusual skin discolouration (whiter or darker, especially spreading discolouration) as well as tingling or numbness; and any signs of infection like skin getting warm, pus or discharge.

We don't generally advise to run or massage dermal filler in the 2 weeks post treatment. That's because you still have residual swelling during this time; and it's really common to mistakenly massage swelling instead of a lump of bump; and dissiapate filler that was actually correctly placed.

Massage right after treatment also usually means more bruising, swelling, and a higher risk of infection.

If you do think you have filler unevenness, lumps, or bumps; follow our video below by our injectors on how to manage this after the two week post treatment mark, and what massage technique to use. 

It takes up to 10 days post treatment for your anti-wrinkle to take full effect; so for this reason we're not able to properly assess your anti-wrinkle results, and do a top-up until at least 2 weeks post treatment.

This doesn't mean we won't give you a complimentary top-up if you need one! It just means that we can't properly see your results until the 2 week mark; so that's the time when we'd invite you to book in for a complimentary follow up appointment, and it's usually no problem to do a top-up.

We don't recommend raising your body temperature right after your appointment, so avoid saunas, the gym, sunbaking etc. Take it easy! Swimming or using a spa right after your treatment can mean a higher risk of infection, so it's not recommended to do any of these activities either.

It IS ok to continue your normal daily activities, including working - just take it a little easy, and make sure you're not for instance rubbing your face or applying makeup in the few hours post treatment.

We always advise not to consume alcohol before or after your appointment. Whilst it won't effect your final treatment outcome, it might mean more bruising and swelling occurs.

Generally it's best to wait at least a few hours post treatment for any small injection points to close over slight, minimizing the risk of injection, before you apply makeup or skin products.

It's also really important not to rub or put too much pressure on your face. This might cause for instance anti-wrinkle to move from where we've put it, and effect muscles we don't want it to effect (like cause a brow droop!).

Your anti-wrinkle treatment is at 'full effect' at two weeks post treatment. Then, over the next 3-4 months, your treatment gradually wears off, and you're usually back to full movement and ready for a top-up at the 4 month mark post treatment.

So; it's important to remember that at the two month post treatment mark, it's normal and expected to see for instance 50% of your movement returned. At the moment there isn't any anti-wrinkle product on the market that has more longevity than 3-4 months; and this is just a general guide as to how long your treatment should last. There's lots of factors like muscle strength and metabolism that come into play, so everyone's treatment longevity is different.

It's really, really common to get the two week filler blues! That lovely 'plump' effect you see in the week or so post dermal filler treatment is largely due to swelling (as well as your filler product obviously!).

So; by the two week mark when swelling has mostly gone, lost of clients wonder if their filler has diminished somehow.

Don't panic! It's almost impossible for your dermal filler to dissiapate in that short period of time. What you're seeing is the swelling dissiappating; not the filler!

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Or - feel free to just book a complimentary post treatment follow up appointment here.

It's important to contact us or book your follow up within 4 weeks of your original appointment so we can properly assess your results in a timely manner after your treatment.

You're always welcome to book a complimentary follow up appointment at any time post treatment, and we always encourage you contact us immediately, and/or book a complimentary follow up appointment immediately if you have any serious post treatment medical concerns.

But; we're not usually able to properly assess your final treatment results, and offer any further treatment, like a top-up, or massage, until a minimum of 2 weeks post treatment.

That's because you still have residual swelling after a dermal filler injection for around 14 days post treatment; and it also takes around this time for your dermal filler to begin to 'settle'.

Anti-wrinkle results also take around 10-14 days post treatment to reach full efficacy.

So; we are definitely always happy to do a complimentary follow up appointment and fix any treatment issues that arise; we just generally cannot properly do this until around 2 weeks post treatment. You're still always welcome to make a complimentary follow up appointment before this timeframe, and our team will check how you're healing, and also check for any more serious treatment issues.

We only provide a complimentary anti-wrinkle topup when;
- Your treatment has been completely ineffective (that is, you still have full movement exactly as you did pre-treatment), or;

- Your results are assymetrical, (so for instance you have movement on one side of your forehead, but not the other) and:

- You are 2-4 weeks post treatment.

If you simply need more units to limit your movement more; this is NOT complimentary.

It is normal to have a small amount of movement directly above the eyebrows. Because of the high risk of a brow droop, we do not normally treat this area. If you'd like to accept this risk, and have this area treated anyway; let our nurse know prior to your treatment.

We always provide an anti-wrinkle dose that should be sufficient to limit your movement, based on our individual assessment of you pre-treatment. If you would like a larger dose; to further limit your movement; that's absolutely fine - and this is charged at  a 'per unit' rate.

We recommend avoiding medications that contain blood thinning agents, like Ibuprofen (eg Nurofen) or Aspirin, post treatment.

So if you do have significant pain or swelling, we recommend you take paracetemol (like Panadol), and/or an oral anti-histamine.

Contact us, and/or your doctor immediately if you have any post treatment concerns and don't stop any doctor recommended medications.