Facethetics Anti-Wrinkle Club Membership


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1 Area Anti-Wrinkle Club Membership - $10.99/week

2 Areas Anti-Wrinkle Club Membership - $21.99/week

3 Areas Anti-Wrinkle Club Membership - $32.99/week

4 Areas Anti-Wrinkle Club Membership - $34.99/week

Anti-Wrinkle Treatments all year round - from only $10.99/week!

Subscribe to our Facethetics Anti-Wrinkle Club Membership and automatically receive your Anti-Wrinkle Treatment Voucher every 4 months!
Then just book in online instantly and redeem at your appointment.
Get your treatments and top-ups all year.
Never worry about how you'll afford a treatment.
Payments are totally risk free - cancel at any time*, and receive a voucher for the value you've paid.

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  • What will I pay today?
    Your first treatment - so you can gave your first treatment right away - (BUT only 50% of our normal treatment price!), then from $10.99/week, or $21.98/fortnight if you choose a fortnightly payment option.
  • Can I book in for my first treatment right away?
    Yes! Just book instantly online at
  • What if I want to cancel?
    Just shoot us an email! We'll cancel your subscription right away and issue a credit for any amount unredeemed.
  • And then I just book an appointment every 4 months, get my treatment, and pay nothing on the day?
    You got it! 
  • What if I'm not approved for an anti-wrinkle treatment at my appointment?
    This is rare - but if it happens, we'll issue you a refund for any unredeemed payments.